About Norris Moving Pictures

Mike Norris

Growing up as the son of Chuck Norris, Mike was immersed in the film industry from an early age.  As a child, he always wanted to not just create, but create something lasting.  And after over 35 years in the film industry, Mike, along with his wife Val, founded Norris Moving Pictures.  Mike has a deep desire to tell faith inspired stories that will move people to act out their faith in God.

David Timmes

David’s passion for film began in high school when he, along with his friends, created a stop motion short for a school competition.  David then went off to college where God immediately spoke into him that he was to follow a career in film.  David is now an award winning director and has produced theatrical films.  When David is not producing or directing he loves to jump in front of the camera to do stunt work. He can be seen in 2016 #1 documentary Hilary’s America as well as jumping in to do a fight scene or even car hits on his own films.