Director : Mike Norris

Producers : Mike Norris & Alin Bijan

Cast : Janine Turner, Mike Norris, Carey Scott, Amanda Alch, Sheree J. Wilson, Grant James, Bill Poague, Kevin Downes, Valerie Norris, Vince Davis

Genre : Drama, Sport

Release Date : 2004

Musical Director : Amin Emam


Birdie & Bogey

A Father’s Journey To Fulfill His Daughter’s Dream

Sometimes the strength to rise above life’s trials comes from the unlikeliest of places. And when that strength comes from the world of Birdie O’Connor’s dreams, nothing is impossible.

Norris Moving Pictures and executive producer Chuck Norris, proudly present a heartfelt story…about a little girl, a father…and the unbreakable bond they share. United in faith, they pursue a daughter’s wish for her father, to once again play on the PGA Tour.